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Bath time doesn’t have to be boring for your child and it doesn’t have to focus on cleanliness and hygiene alone. It can be fun and exciting for your toddler and can be fulfilling for you as a parent. It can even help with your child’s development as well. You can also include some bath water toys that you can buy at, and make the most out of your kid’s bath time every day! How bath playtime can help your child learn and develop while enjoying? Yes, simple bath time can bring lots of benefits for you and your kids. Just plan enjoyable activities you can fit in, so you can reap these perks: Stimulate your kid’s sensory perception Water can help with the development of your kid’s sensory perception through stimulation. This is important to increase their level of response, which is necessary for developing their motor skills. And you can promote such stimulation by letting your child play with the water while taking a bath. You can also introduce them to different sensations, such as when making bubbles and letting running water touch their skin. Development of motor skills Letting kids splash, wiggle and do other movements while taking a bath help them learn further motion and control. Moreover, you can also use bath water toys to encourage more movements throughout their body. For example, you can use rubber ducks or submarine toys, which your child can throw, push or chase in the tub. Be sure, however, to buy appropriate bath water toys for your child. It should be safe enough to avoid injuries and can promote specific learnings as well. You can visit Rainbow Fun to find the best options. Improving mental capacity Bath playtime is a great chance to improve your child’s cognitive ability. Some bath water toys can stimulate their imagination as well, such as pretend play of sailing using sailboat toys. Of course, you can introduce some water animals to them using the right toys, such as ducks and dolphins. Induce relaxation If you enjoy relaxing in the tub after a long day of work, your kids will love it too. Taking a bath is a great stress reliever for everyone. It can reduce tension from your kid’s body, especially after they play all day long tirelessly. It can even help them enjoy sound sleep afterwards. Convenient bonding time Bath playtime can be convenient for busy parents, especially those who need to work in a company office every day. That’s because taking a bath is a necessary chore to accomplish, thus parents usually set a time for it. Parents can even take a bath together with their kids. This means you don’t have to set a different hour to play with your child since you can do it while taking a bath. You can surely turn bath time into a fruitful activity by viewing it as playtime for your child! Just remember to find the best and appropriate bath water toys to maximize such perks. Thus, check out, and make your order.