Scientifically Proven Erotic Fantasies That Women Have

Sex fantasies, also known as erotic fantasies are thoughts that are created in mind by either memory or imagination. External stimulation usually triggers them, or they take place autonomously. Almost 95 percent of women experience these erotic fantasies once in awhile. The most surprising scientific fact is that women have these fantasies more regularly than men do. Women fantasize about their spouse, lovers, and wish that their partners would make it a reality. Here are the most common erotic fantasies that women experience, but men do not know about them.

Sex with a stranger

This might sound absurd to many people, but women enjoy thinking about having a romantic moment with a stranger. However, only a few of them act out of this fantasy because eventually, they suffer from guilt consciousness. The thought of having sex with a stranger boosts the libido of a woman and helps her to enjoy a romantic moment with her boyfriend or husband. Some women go ahead to make the fantasies a reality especially if they get the right man. If you happen to visit a brothel and want to have a fantastic time, always know that women fantasize of meeting a stranger that will appeal to her naughtiest side.

Being an exhibitionist

Some of the women sex fantasies include exhibitionism or being watched during sex. A woman might shy away when you bring up the topic, but the fact is that she fantasizes of making homemade porn more than you can think. However, most women are shy and very conscious to put the sex fantasies into reality. Unbelievably some women like the idea of undressing in public or making love in a public place. Most of the female strippers have this characteristic. As a man, take advantage of this information and enjoy with a gorgeous woman next time you visit a brothel.

Watching strangers doing it (Voyeurism)     

You are completely mistaken if you think that women do not have sex fantasies of watching other people or neighbors getting it on. Apart from fantasizing about it, they go ahead to peep through the neighbor's windows, only to get a glimpse of them when in the act. It is one and the best sex fantasies women have because it makes them feel sexually fulfilled without having to get their hands dirty.

Force Fantasies

These force erotic fantasies are very common in women. A woman imagines being carried to her bed by a masculine man and engaging in wild sex.  The thought of the man tearing her clothes and getting down into business arouses her.  Sex psychologists argue that the fantasies allow women to have dirty and wild sex she craves without any form of guilt that might come up later if she does the act.

Dominance during sex

Women are commonly assumed to be submissive to men. The idea of taking control of a man and having unrestrained sex is one of the sex fantasies that blows their mind. Many women wish to have a man that will obey their every command. Such kind of imagination unleashes their inner dominatrix. They are always willing to experience this with somebody they love. These are an unknown fantasies of women. If you want to experience top sex fantasies for women, visit

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