The Sydney Water Taxis – A Great Way to Watch the Harbour and the City

The Sydney harbour is a famous landmark. In fact, it is an iconic picture and represents the pride of the city, even Australia as a whole. Even people who might not have been to Sydney would have watched the New Years’ Eve fireworks, which light up the sky and the harbour bridge, on TV. But there is nothing like making a trip to this beautiful Australian city and enjoying the pleasant sights the place has to offer. One of the big attractions is the Water Taxis Sydney tour operators provide. These are small boats run on the waters adjacent to the harbour and can take as many as 16 passengers in one boat.

Hire the Water Taxis for Any Occasion

Water taxis Sydney
Water taxis Sydney

If you are a casual visitor to Sydney and thinking of taking a quick boat ride along the harbour and just observe the sights, the great buildings on the skyline and so on, you could hop on these boats. But if you are visiting as a group and would like to hire water taxi Sydney tour operators recommend, for an organized tour of the waters, you can make a booking online and confirm the plans and avoid last minute hitches. The companies operating Water Taxis Sydney based, have clearly laid down terms on which they carry the passengers on their water taxis, and one great advantage is that they operate throughout the year, except on Christmas.  Of course, there are special days such as the New Years’ Eve, New Years’ Day and Australia Day. On these three days, the charges applicable for riding on these water taxis are higher and certain specific conditions apply.

Some of the occasions when the water taxis get hired by people include weddings, where the bride and groom could book an exclusive boat to take them across to their wedding location and bookings made in bulk by corporate companies offering their employees some relaxed moments after a hard day at work. The Water Taxis Sydney companies provide, can even be availed at discounted prices. Besides these, there are other occasions when people find water taxis Sydney companies offer, very convenient to hire at the Sydney harbour. These include the boat transfers and people using the boats to scatter the ashes of their departed loved ones.

Special Conducted Cruises

The pleasures that you get during your visit to Sydney while riding the water taxis doesn’t end here. There are other services on offer when people hire water taxis Sydney operators provide. There is a spectacular light show that people can watch from on board the boat. This light show is available only on Fridays and Saturdays. It is an exciting experience, and people just keep clicking the scenes as they pass along, since the boat would be moving, albeit slowly. There are private groups, which book these as well, and the operators charge a little higher for these cruises.

On similar lines, the water taxis also take people on board to watch the spectacle of the new year’s eve’s fireworks on the Sydney harbour in all its glory. Come and try!

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