When does surgical tooth extraction become necessary?

Of course, you want to keep your permanent teeth for as long as possible and don't want to lose any of them. However, there are instances when this cannot be avoided. Your dentist may recommend a tooth extraction when you have a tooth that is badly damaged due to trauma or decay. Your main concern at this point might be the surgical tooth extraction cost. It does not come cheap, after all. Fortunately, some reputable dental clinics offer affordable tooth extractions.

Simple versus surgical extractions

A general or family dentist can perform simple tooth extractions without using any special techniques or making incisions. It is usually done when the tooth that needs to be removed is visible above the gum line and can easily be removed with forceps.

A surgical tooth extraction, on the other hand, requires a more complicated procedure and is usually done when the dentist needs to remove bone or gum tissue to extract it. Stitches are also necessary to close the incision made on the site for it to heal correctly.

Why are surgical tooth extractions needed?

An x-ray of your mouth can help dentists determine whether you need a simple or surgical tooth extraction. It's also possible for a simple tooth extraction to turn into a surgical one. For example, if a tooth breaks in the middle of the procedure, then it will need to be surgically removed in pieces.

Wisdom teeth are also often surgically removed because they are typically impacted or not completely erupted. This means that your dentist will have to cut through your bone and tissue in order to remove it. Teeth with long curved roots or severely damaged teeth also usually need to be surgically removed. Surgical tooth extractions are often performed with the use of some form of anesthesia or sedation. The duration of the whole procedure, as well as the surgical tooth extraction cost, will depend on several factors, such as the following.

  • The tooth's position
  • The root's length and curvature
  • The thickness of the bones that surround the tooth
  • The patient's overall physical health

Cost of surgical tooth extraction

A surgical tooth extraction price can range from $299 up to $500. On the other hand, a single wisdom tooth extraction can cost anywhere between $550 and $750, whereas the cost for the removal of all four wisdom teeth typically ranges from $2,500 to $4000.

However, some experienced dentists offer it for only $1,800 – which is already the most affordable wisdom teeth removal price Brisbane has to offer.


Permanent teeth are meant to last forever, but there are instances when they must be removed for your own health and safety. The most common reasons why you would need to have your tooth extracted are trauma due to an accident and decay, which usually happens if you neglect to observe oral hygiene. The surgical tooth extraction cost may vary depending on your condition and how many teeth need to be removed.

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